La raccolta differenziata delle idee

PaperclipE’ un segnale incoraggiante quando, dopo la sbronza delle quotazioni internettiane farlocche, ti accorgi che chi di mestiere investe soldi in idee ha come obiettivo primario quello di non buttarli via. Tutto cambia, prima o poi. Anche – buoni ultimi – i venture capitalist:

Frugality: Focus spending on what’s critical. Why spend $6,000 on cubicles when used cubicles are just as serviceable? Why pay $5.00 per square foot when just as much can get done in space rented for $2.50 per square foot? This is not about being cheap – it’s about setting an example for a company. Adopt the paper clip as a symbol of frugality. There is no need to purchase paperclips when your company will receive them for free when the mail arrives each day. Use this example to think about all the other opportunities not to spend money.

Ecco quel che intendevo, tempo fa, per “GNU economy”.

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